Janet Clare Ollason

 A watercolour painting

John and I came to live in Scotland, in the North-East, in 1972. We really like it here and have no desires to move away. The scenery is fantastic particularly the coast and we are so near to it. John takes lots of photographs (see http://www.olddeer.org.uk/ ), and I take a few which are the source material for my paintings.

It wasn't until 2004 that I began painting, in watercolours. I started by going to a class run by Tolquhon Gallery and I am still going. My paintings are of places and things that are special to me. They are an escape from normal life to somewhere exceptional. I seek to capture the light and atmosphere of a place, and find that I am strongly attracted to stillness, serenity and tranquillity. However, I do occasionally venture into something stronger.

In the early years in Scotland we got into black and white photography and set up our own darkroom. Now I find this experience valuable for producing prints of my watercolours, though of course these are now created electronically.

I hope you enjoy the paintings on this website, and welcome feedback. I have more images elsewhere and will undertake commissions.

Thank you for looking.